2021 National ResilienceEXCH Virtual Summit
January 26-28, 2021
 12:30pm - 6:00pm EST (each day)

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What You'll Learn....

Day 1

  • Session 2:  Collective Defense: Advancing Public-Private Partnerships....A new unified approach to national cyber security that leverages industry and government efforts to work together to have a clear sense of the battlefield and a clear sense as to how to respond to these cyber attacks.
  • Session 3: ISAC Sectors Talk Resiliency & Coordination... Learn about the ISACs (Information Sharing & Analysis Centers) in Education, Communications, and the new SPACE ISAC,  how they work, the unique information the each provide, how they impact can your enterprise, and how you can tap into their information
  • Session 4: Cross-Sector Resiliency Challenges During COVID-19...Learn from industry professionals in fuel, pharma and food sectors how COVID-19 affected demand, supply, production, and consumption patterns forever:  how it impacted the social and economic sustainability structures; the three (3) major pain points for companies to address;  what best practices emerged from each sector, Explain the benefit of your products
  • Session 5: State Perspectives on Regional and Cross-Sector Resilience...Learn about the two (2) fundamental transition behaviors for sustaining commerce from destructive events and recovering faster via operational public/private partnerships afterwards; How states are becoming more nimble at working with industry to solve problems faster
  • Session 6: Strategies for Government & Industry Coordination... Learn the key strategies and pain points of government and industry coordination; Ways to incentivize US manufacturing of high demand medical supplies; How to better understand key interdependencies and create structures that can be responsive to emergency situations in the future. 

Day 2

  • Session 2:  Integrated Operations Center
  • Session 3: Public/Private Partnerships for Regional Cyber Resilience - Best Practices from the Pacific Northwest
  • Session 4: Public-Private Operational Partnerships for Power Restoration - Combating All Hazards
  • Session 5: Promoting Information-Sharing with Process Transparency: COVID-19 & SolarWinds ​


DAY 3 - January 27 : Start Time @12:30 PM EST 

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2021 National ResilienceEXCH Virtual Summit
The All Hazards Consortium (AHC) invites you to participate in the 2021 National ResilienceEXCH (Exchange) Virtual Summit on January 26-28, 2021.

Over the course of three half-days, several hundred participants will learn, network, and collaborate with private sector critical infrastructure partners, state emergency managers, DHS/CISA, DHS/FEMA, trade associations, academia, industry, and research groups.
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Share This Event
STRATEGIES - Day 1 will focus on resilience issues in industry and government and strategies to address them.

INITIATIVES - Day 2 will focus on resilience initiatives and projects

TRAINING - Day 3 will focus on training and education for resilience-related solutions, innovations, and research.

Why Attend

This unique, one-of-a-kind cross-sector forum is designed to help participants to: 

● Create increased awareness of cross-sector vulnerabilities and inter-dependencies in supply chains to ensure the security and reliability of our nation's critical functions and systems.

● Understanding key risk considerations and risk reduction strategies to protect your employees, contractors, customers, supply chains, and communities.

● Become equipped with new ideas, approaches, and perspectives that will inspire you to immediately apply what you have learned to your day-to-day activities.

● Be exposed to new solutions and initiatives that will help shape your planning and partner development efforts for 2021.

Registrants Include:

● Alabama Emergency Management Agency
● American Logistics Aid Network
● American Red Cross
● AmerisourceBergen Corporation
● Automated Reports & Consolidated Ordering System
● Bent Ear Solutions LLC
● California Resiliency Alliance
● City and County of Denver
● County of Chester
● Currituck County
● District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department
● Department of Homeland Security
● Department of Emergency and Customer Communications (DECC)
● Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency
● District Department of Transportation
● District of Columbia Department of Public Works
● District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
● Duke Energy
● Edison Electric Institute
● Energy Marketers Association of America
● Federal Emergency Management Agency
● Governor Kay Ivey's Cabinet
● Healthcare Ready
● Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
● Honolulu Board of Water Supply
● Idaho National Laboratory
● Indiana Department of Homeland Security
● King County Emergency Management
● Law Enforcement Coordination Center (Department of Justice)
● Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company
● Maryland Department of Transportation
● Maryland Department of the Environment
● Maryland Emergency Management Agency
● Maryland State Highway Administration
● Michigan Department of Transportation
● The National Aeronautics and Space Administration
● Edison Electric Institute
● North Carolina Emergency Management
● North Carolina Emergency Management Association
● North Carolina Emergency Management
● North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
● Pennsylvania Department of Health-Bureau of Emergency Preparedness and Response
● Pennsylvania Department of Emergency Management Association
● Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
● Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
● South Central Pennsylvania Task Force
● StormCenter Communications, Inc.
● The Food Industry Association
● Transportation Security Administration
● United States Navy
● University of Nebraska at Omaha
● Virginia Department of Emergency Management
● Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services

Why a Virtual Summit?

It is important we all stay safe and practice social distancing to beat COVID-19. This doesn’t mean that you have to put your professional development and engagement with others on hold. We can connect virtually with the high-quality programming you’ve come to expect from All Hazards Consortium.

How it Works – Before the Summit

How it Works – During the Summit

  • Be ready to use ZOOM as the platform. We encourage you to log in with a camera-enabled device if you would like to take advantage of the interactive sessions.
  • Connect by asking questions, answering live polls, and chatting with presenters and other participants.
  • Learn about the industry’s top vendors serving industry and government through our virtual reception.
  • ​Complete the Post Summit survey with your feedback.
  • ​Paid registrants (All Access Pass) will receive access to session recordings to view at a later date.

Executive Steering Committee

Tom Moran

Executive Director, 
All Hazards Consortium

Laura Schepis

Edison Electric Institute, Electricity Sub-Sector Coordinating Council

Denise Anderson

President, Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center

Mike Zappone

SISE WG Chair, Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group

Kent Kildow

Director, Business Continuity & Emergency Management at Verizon & SISE Working Group Chair

Kari Hicks

Sr. Geographic Information System Analyst, 
Duke Energy Corporation

Persia Payne-Hurley

Private Sector Manager & BEOC Coordinator, North Carolina Department of Emergency Management Association

Nicolette Louissaint

Executive Director,
Healthcare Ready

Chris McIntosh

Chief Executive Officer, 
Bent Ear Solutions LLC

David Vanderbloemen

Principal Consultant at DV Consulting, LLC & Retired, Electric Sector

Marvin Goldberg

President and CEO, Independence Group Holdings and Associates Inc.

Chad Ross

Manager, Industry Relations & Total Store Collaboration, The Food Industry Association

Carlos D. Torres

Independent Consultant/Experienced Utility-Emergency Management Executive

Bethany Elliott

Program Support Specialist, Alabama State Private Sector Liaison

Molly Dougherty

External Affairs & Private Sector Liaison, Pennsylvania Department of Emergency Management Association


Director, North Carolina Emergency Management

Jim Nowak

Sr. Director, Operations, Products & Services, 

Contact Us 

●  For speaker and logistics inquiries: Laura.Johnson@AHCUSA.org
●  For sponsorship inquiries: Tim.Karney@AHCUSA.org
●  For partnership inquiries: Tom.Moran@AHCUSA.org
●  For registration and IT-related inquiries: summit-support@ahcusa.zendesk.com or click on the yellow support button in lower right hand corner of this page. 
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