Business Resiliency Virtual Discussion Series
A new public/private problem-solving environment that leverages collaborative communities and research to produce solutions that support response to COVID-19, reduce operational risks, and increase resilience of the nation's critical infrastructure.
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Purpose of Discussion Series: 

In response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S., The AHC has created a series of timely and important discussions that include early, but crucial, lessons-learned among the members of our community. In just the few weeks of this pandemic, our daily jobs have been affected and many initiatives and lessons-learned are surfacing creating new opportunities to solve problems and increase future preparedness for any type of disaster. Businesses and communities around the nation have had to develop new strategies and blueprints to support to their response, resiliency, business continuity and risk mitigation activities. 

The All Hazards Consortium (AHC) and industry experts will explore very important lessons that have been gleaned from the early part of this pandemic and discuss initiatives and new emerging solutions to address unique COVID-19 related issues.

What You Will Learn from the Panelists: 

  • Understand the operational impacts that COVID-19 is having on their agency, organization or sector, and the current challenges they are facing
  • ​How they have addressed the operational issue(s) that COVID-19 has caused since the outbreak? What initiatives have they taken?
  • ​Key partnerships that were utilized or made, either privately or within various government entities
  • ​Key innovations and solutions planners have considered to developing a more resilient service
  • ​How they are planning for the weeks ahead (inside their organization, and with others) 
  • ​Recommendations and resources that other agencies and organizations can use to improve communication and resiliency within (and across) sectors
For any questions about this webinar series, please email Laura Johnson, Director of Conferences & Events at

You're Invited
2021 National ResilienceEXCH Virtual Summit
January 26-28, 2021
 12:30pm - 6:00pm EST (each day)

Why Attend?

  • ​Resilience requires partners that can provide guidance, essential data, assets, and tools for improved planning, response, and recovery. Innovative “exchange sessions” at this event will enable you to identify and connect with public and private sector stakeholders who can complement your efforts.
  • ​Learn how to access a private, nation-wide trusted community that plans and solves problems together. The vetted members of this peer group coordinate their research and investments. They have developed a proven process for validating government and industry data for improved decision-making.


  • Operational Decision Makers - Industry and government decision makers who are concerned about disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and data driven decision making
  • Utility operations and preparedness managers - Interested in new initiatives and technologies that can enhance their situational awareness 
  • Cybersecurity Professionals - Interested in post cyber-attack coordination with state agencies responsible for cyber threats to election systems, handling social media misinformation, and information sharing 
  • ​Researchers - Interested in discovering opportunities to transitions of commercialize their research with the private sector
  • State Private Sector Liaisons - Government PIO or BEOC representatives who work with state Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) and have interest in learning how to coordinate operationally with industry
  • ​Public Safety Officials & First Responders – Management level & operational public safety. Disciplines include Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Search & Rescue, Public Health, etc.
  • GIS Practitioners – State GIS Coordinators/GIOs, GIS Technicians, Analysts, Specialists, GIS Managers, CTOs, IT Specialists, and Interoperability Coordinators.
  • Federal Agencies – FEMA HQ and Regions, FBI, NOAA, Depts. of Homeland Security, Justice, Commerce, Energy, Transportation, DOD, etc.
  • Disaster Planning & Logistics – Industry, State, Local and Federal agency planners, response & recovery, resource acquisitions and logistics
  • ​​Private Sector Solution Providers – Interested in creating awareness of their capabilities, services and solutions to industry and/or government.

Points of Contact:

Registration, Agenda, Speakers, Logistics:
Laura Johnson
Telephone: (301) 257-7439
Sponsorships, Partnerships:
Tim Karney
Telephone: (703) 626-8321

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